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Nadia Udalova

 Business growth hacking with help of design 

I am User Experience Strategist, helping companies build & optimise design teams.

Guiding organisations on how to pursue the success of leading tech companies like Apple, Google, Airbnb and Amazon by turning to design and better connecting with customers.

My approach

Image by Vlad Hilitanu

Design Team Growth

My Design Team has gone through substantial growth within the last few month. Offering the team the possibility to grow is one of my top priorities.

To support that, I have created the Design Career Framework and various exercises around that to support growth conversations and planning.

Coming soon...

Optimising Design Teams

Helping to pick a correct approach to grow design team to make sure it feeds the top priority business metrics.

Image by Balázs Kétyi

Design Systems for stronger teams

A good Design System can be a much-needed painkiller for the growing pains:

  • design consistency

  • scaling teams

  • improved usability and accessibility

  • faster prototyping and design iteration


User-Business-Technology Balance

The ultimate goal of User Experience focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, and their limitations. It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project. I help to find the right compromises.


Design Thinking

Guiding to adopt the iterative process of seeking for user understanding, challenging assumptions, and redefining problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions.


UX Thought Leadership

Taking my free time to write, present, advocate UX and mentor fellow designers.

Leadership in Tech communities

I believe in the transformational power of communities to entitle people, benefit society and inspire positive change. Here I am finding a connection to the pulse of what’s happening in the field, meeting new people, sharing my voice and getting advice.
“Design is a key differentiator in driving business success and customer engagement. Design-driven companies consistently outperformed the S&P Index by 219% over a decade (2004-2014)."
by the Design Management Institute

What do people say about me?

Get in touch

Martin van Vliet

VP of Product Development @StackState

As our first UX designer at the time, Nadia came in to an engineering organisation where focus on design was minimal. Through her experience as well as her enthusiasm, she managed to instil a sense of design in the teams she interacted with. Whether it was graphical design, running workshops to identify and validate customer needs or working directly with engineers implementing functionality.


Jenny Shen

Principal Designer, Speaker

Nadia is always taking initiative to get things done; she takes ownership of her projects and tasks; she is an excellent communicator; she works well in a team; she cares deeply about the (user) experience of event attendees, team members, partners and sponsors. She has also shown skills in leading teams and retrospective meetings.


Vaiva Rivas

UX Designer @Mobiquity

A true team player and problem solver, she is always working towards delivering the best in the most creative ways. Having worked with Nadia on many events, her organising skills, attention to details and commitment have always shown through. Nadia is always happy to share her knowledge and Is a fantastic partner to work with. She is always thinking of the bigger picture and loves working for the greater good.

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