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"Companies which make effective use of design out-perform their peers, and it confirms design to be an integral part of good management." 

Sir George Cox, Chairman, Design Council

Design as a strategic investment

I help to align design to business objectives in order to achieve highest levels of success. Making organisations to see design as strategic investment to:

  • drive innovation and open up uncontested market spaces

  • differentiate products and services to attract new customers

  • strengthen branding, embody a company’s values and improve brand recognition.

Design Culture

While there is no one best Design Culture that fits every organisation, I try to work with a set of values, that are forming base for a strong design team:

  • Collaboration and support

  • Giving and taking critique 

  • Establishing and upholding quality

  • Inclusivity and people diversity

Roles & Team Composition

I help organisations to understand a wide variety of design titles and responsibilities that exist out there today and define needed skills for the business.

Work together to define best design team composition and allocation for company's business goals & needs.

Collaboration with other disciplines

In order to release full power of creativity and innovation - I help organisations to create environment, where a collection of different existing skills in the company will work together with designers to become a collective force for achieving set KPIs.

Recruiting & hiring designers

Finding a good design talent is not something that a generic IT recruiter can help with.

I support organisation in discovering and developing best design talent and saving costs on hiring recruiters.

Want to optimise design team in your organisation?

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